Full Stack Web Development

TH01 ASP.NET Core Beyond the Basics


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Advanced

Chris Klug


Active Solution

There are a lot of "getting started" talks in the ASP.NET Core world, but they won't take you very far in the real world. What if you already know what the Startup class does, how configuration is handled, and what Kestrel is? Well, that's where this talk might become interesting.

Instead of covering the basics of how to get up and running, this talk will have a look at some of the more…how to put it…complex areas of ASP.NET Core. Instead of looking at how you build a basic Hello World website, it looks at things like building custom middlewares and model binders, how we can do URL rewriting and run background tasks. And more!

With all the demos to be presented, and the limited amount of time to do it in, there will be no introduction to ASP.NET Core. There will be no "this template includes…". Instead there will be a quick jump right into the deep end, and a big focus on expanding you knowledge of some of the more advanced abilities built into the framework!

You will learn:

    To understand that there is MUCH more to ASP.NET Core than they teach at ASP.NET Core 101

    To see some really interesting features of ASP.NET Core that generally isn't shown

    To understand that with good understanding of the framework, you can build stuff you didn't think was possible